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The sea in a pot – Mussel Inn, Edinburgh

5 Feb
Mussel shells. I eat too quickly to photograph my dinner sometimes.

Mussel shells. I eat too quickly to photograph my dinner sometimes.

I was reminded of how much I enjoy oysters when I tasted some lovely plump ones from AnCuig Seafoods at the Scottish Food show last week. So when it was suggested that we go to Mussel Inn for dinner Friday night I knew immediately what my starter would be. The Mussel Inn isn’t one of the places that AnCuig supplies, and I’m not going to discuss the relative values of oysters, but I will wax lyrical over a meal of molluscs. Ah, a beautiful thing, the mollusc, when fresh, sea-scented and accompanied by a clean white wine.

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No more over-powering sauce please!

16 Sep

Wild mushrooms in sauce, gardnished with a second sauce

Wild mushrooms in sauce, garnished with ... a second sauce

You source the best ingredients you possibly can, prepare them with delicacy and respect, heat them just so and serve them covered in sauce. Loads of sauce. Richly flavoured sauce. And there they lie, languishing in a sea of flavour, their own flavour lost.

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Seafood at Ondine Restaurant Edinburgh

30 Aug
Shellfish at Ondine

Shellfish at Ondine

It’s always a bit of a challenge eating out during the festival.  You’re either trying to work out whether you can fit a decent meal in between shows or are reluctant to try somewhere as it will be overwhelmed with all the visitors in town. We ended up with a booking at a very precise 5:45 pm as the table had to be back at 7:15. Having  just seen the Korean show Chef (think kung fu mixed with beat box) we were ready for a delicious meal. Continue reading

Seafish Grants: How creative could we be?

12 Aug
Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish

This news intrigued me, the Seafish authority is looking for innovative ideas to apply for funds from the 2011 Seafish Project Fund of up to £1million. They are “particularly interested in applications for grants that cover seafood marketing and consumer communication, or those that promote the nutritional benefits of seafood”.

Now, setting aside the interesting amount of money available when there are government cuts bandied about everywhere, I was wondering how creative us foodies could be and get involved.  How would you promote our wonderful seafood in Scotland? Or indeed seafish in the UK? It seems to suggest that anyone can apply!

Initial thoughts:

  • Schools programme – ideal opportunity for education on nutrition, environment, ecology, cooking, budgeting …
  • Social media campaigns to promote sales, awareness, recipes etc.
  • Appearance at local events on a regular basis (why are Seafish featuring events in Hong Kong on their site?)
  • Work with restaurants to source all fish from marine stewardship approved sources –
  • Set up new supply chains
  • Appoint a well-known ambassador for Seafish – food critic, blogger, chef??
  • Hands on sessions on how to cook fish

Just a few to get going, I’ll add more as I think of them. Let me know what you think and let’s make it happen!

You can’t get everything right every time – Hotel du Vin

11 Jun
A boiled crab, before being dressed

This guy needs to get dressed at Hotel du Vin

We met in the courtyard for a refreshing glass of something (beer for the men, white Alsace wine for the women) but were forced in to the whisky snug by inclement weather. The whisky snug is a warm and comfortable bar, with cozy sofas and armchairs. Here, we were overcome by hunger and asked for the bar and a la carte menus.

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