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Useful kitchen gadgets – garlic saucer

8 Sep
Garlic Saucer

Garlic Saucer

This gadget may prove a little challenging for you. I recently promised one of my co-authors one and ended up on a much longer quest than I had hoped as well-known kitchen shop in the USA where I originally bought it no longer stocked it!

But, do persevere, once you have used the garlic saucer (or ceramic garlic plate), you’ll never grunt and groan over ginger or garlic again, each are reduced quickly to a paste.

Does anyone know of a source in the UK? I’ve found some similar ones on Amazon, but the grid is not so regular and even.

Favourite gadget – runner bean slicer

31 Jul

First of an occasional series on favourite gadgets

Runner bean season is upon us! Fresh, local grown beans of often unfeasible size seem to taste all the better for having been sliced thinly and the strings removed.

Having tried many slicers, this one has pride of place in by cutlery draw – it’s made by Krisk (and I think, originally from Australia). Treat yourself, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Runner Bean Slicer

Krisk runner bean slicer

What is your favourite gadget?