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Favourite gadget: silicone muffin cases

18 Jan
Corn muffins in ever so clever and bright silicon cases

Corn muffins in ever so clever and bright silicone cases

Silicone bakeware is great. It is easy to clean, comes in bright colours, stored away small, is light-weight and is non-stick. Pretty and easy to use.

I recently bought a bunch of muffin cases in the Habitat sale and find myself making muffins every second day. To have a good reason to make muffins, I’ve been experimenting with egg and dairy free corn muffins. Corn muffins because I love American corn bread. Egg and dairy free so that my vegetarian, dairy sensitive and currently detoxing live-in can have some too. (Hush. Don’t mention the sugar.) The recipe below yields six to eight moist corn muffins with a good chilli warmth. They go well with soup and make an easy breakfast for lazy people, like me. They are a fast way to make a tasty snack. Should you, like e rucola, have decided to spend a week eating only what you yourself have cooked, pack these when you go out.

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Muesli – easy, tasty and good for you! (Recipe)

29 Jun

I’ve had a few requests for my muesli recipe, which has evolved from a recipe found on and from my chef friend Annette.

You’re probably like me, there is always one ingredient that you really do not like in any muesli mix. If you make your own, you can pop in your favourite ingredients. Just keep to the proportions and you’ll find this mix easy and quick to make and even quicker to eat.

Edinburgh Foody Muesli Recipe

Edinburgh Foody Muesli Recipe

Edinburgh Foody Muesli

5 cups of porridge oats
1 cup of seeds (mixed selection of sesame, flax, pumpkin, sunflower ….)
1 cup of nuts (mixed selection of walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia …)
3/4 cup of runny hone topped up with 1/4 cup of oil (walnut, rape seed  or similar)

1 cup of mixed dried fruit (apricots, cherries, cranberries …. )
1 cup of toasted coconut flakes (from Real Foods)

Large tray(s) with a lip and silicon paper or similar


Place first 3 items in a large bowl, chop roughly any larger nuts.

Melt the honey and oil together until hot but not boiling. Add to the large bowl and mix thoroughly. Turn out onto a large baking tin in an even layer (you might need two trays). Put the bowl aside for later.

Put in the oven at 200 degrees C (400 F)  and cook for about 15 minutes until light brown, mixing up once. This will very much depend on your oven, do not let it get burnt! You’ll find the mixture at the edges starts to brown first,  mix up to make it consistent.

Turn back into large bowl. Let it cool. When it is cool add remaining ingredients (fruit and coconut) and mix well. Put in a sealed box and enjoy!

Experiment and you’ll find your perfect mixture. It keeps for ages  in a sealed container

Please do let me know how you get on!